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Developer's Social Anti-Patterns

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Unfortunately, we probably all had to deal with unsympathetic people who like to push their ideas and ego with toxic behavior. In this post, I aggregated some of these social anti-patterns.
Many of the listed arguments might be very valid in many situations, but they can also be used to push your own will without long discussions. As always, more power (e.g. being on the top of the hierarchy) helps with this. Please don’t be the one applying those patterns, your colleagues probably won’t like you very much.

I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. - Abraham Lincoln

» Show your experience and influence

» You know the things that matter

» Show that you are the smartest person in the room

» Getting back up from industrial leaders – or not

» On Performance optimizations

» Quantity over quality

» Context doesn’t matter

» Only you are allowed to be overly critical

» You have a mission

» Will they help your career?

» Be the professional

As you can see, it’s very easy to always give a right answer or showing others, why their answers are wrong. A single person with a certain amount of power might be enough to destroy the fun for everyone else. Don’t expect people who regularly use these patterns to change on their own.
When you have to work in such an environment, it might become difficult to not adopt this behavior to yourself and/or you might get extremely demotivated because you can’t do a single thing to their satisfaction.
Technology changes very fast and many engineers put a lot of effort into keeping up-to-date while working on becoming a more decent person would last for our whole life, and yet it seems like we spend very little time on it. On the other hand, being a decent person might be very detrimental as it allows people to exploit you more easily.

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